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PCB Assembly



Before we start to assemble, we need to collect all the things we need.

These are BOM list (which prefers to the component list here), pick&place file, stencil, a final product picture or 3D stimulation picture.

Making a PCB - PCB Manufacture step by step

PCBA Capability

Item Capability Item Capability
Solder PastePrinting Accuracy:,±0.025mm Wave Soldering Nitrogen source: external
Max. speed: 150mm/sec Speed: 5in² /sec (60FOV/sec)
PCB max. area: 400*310mm Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
PCB thickness: 0.2-6mm Lead free compatible
SMT Accuracy: ±0.03mm AOI  
Speed: 0.17sec/pc Accuracy: ±0.0024mm
PCB max. area: 350*350mm Speed: 5in² /sec (60FOV/sec)
Available part: 0201 chip to 35*35mm PCB max. area:300*300mm
Accuracy: ±0.05mm Available component: 0201 chip and fine pitch
PCB max. area: 350*350mm X-ray,Inspection  
Available part: 0402 chips to 14mm (H 12mm) BGA void(0.5mm distance between Ball)
Minimum SMD resistor and capacitor: 0201 Solderability inner shielding
Minimum BGA R-VTx: 0.15mm BGA Rework  
Nitrogen source: external Nitrogen source: NA
Reflow Soldering Nitrogen source: external PCB max. size: 350mm
PCB max. size: 400*330mm Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Temperature accuracy: ±4°C Lead free compatible
Zones: 8  


Our PCB Assembly served for many industies, such as Industry Control System, Military Products, Communication Product and so on


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