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PCB Design




You need tell our seller your ideas or simple layout. For example length and width of the pcba and basic funcitons of the pcba,the shell’s shape,with drawing or schematic is better.

Start :

Our engineers will start design products according the basic ideas.
We will ask you some questions related to the product at the same time.

Import netlist:

We will import all these netlist to our systerm and start to design the placement.

Import rules:

You might have some specific requirements like the sound of the pcba ,the voltage of the pcba etc. We will design according to  the import rules.

Technology design:

Next step we will design ,impedance design and power design included, during this time we will do stack-up and impedance caculation and power analysis.


We will design the routing and length matching and optimization ,silkscreen then came out gerber file and bom list. During this phase model validation timing analysis power analysis and DFM analysis will be done.

Sample production:

This is the last step, sometimes the sample will have some small problems ,we will give some technology suggestions and do necessary adjustment. With all that help, then we can make a good sample.

Full Check :

We will have footprint check, outline check, netlist check, placement check, routing check, monitor check, silk check and DFM check, with all these procesure, we can guarantee the sample works well.


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